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Sales Department and Design Department are at your disposal to examine your request, to check specifications and to provide technical guidance to the completion of your project.



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Each cut has a specific need. Each need has its kind of blade.

We must consider each variables when we work on a project :

  • kind of the material to be cut,
  • specifications of the tool or equipment used to make the cut,
  • specifications and quality of steel used to produce blades : steel, stainless steel …
  • customer’s production target,
  • kind of work…

Before starting blades production, Engineering Department examines each project and propose a final design file before prototyping and testing products.



Quality, efficacy and longevity of our blades are based on a strict selection of steels and suppliers partners. Our steels selection has high mechanical specification that gives our blades high cutting quality and long life. Our Purchase Department constantly strives to identify the best supply opportunity to meet our customer quality requirements and deadlines. We have 5 partnership with Steel suppliers who meets our specifications and yearly audited by Quality Department.

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We meet cutting needs with specific blades design and produced for each application. Sharpening cutting edge is a crusial operation. In most situations Sharp quality determines the quality of the final product. From sharpening quality results :

  • Durability
  • Efficacity
  • Costs


Blades Lifetime :
Lame Leresche Lame Leresche

Besides the choice of raw materials we use, we propose you several types of coating :

  • TIN
  • TICN
  • DIAMANT...

Lame Leresche

The type of coating is defined according to abrasion level of the material to be cut and the lifetime target of the blade.

Packaging :

Our blades and tools are pack on our production site.
We can propose you all kind of packaging :

  • Under coil,
  • Blister,
  • Flow pack,
  • Dispenser,
  • Bulk.

We can put your brand on blades and packaging to all items for resale.
For industrial blades, we can pack the blades by a specific quantity if you industrial process need it.



Management :

We keep in stock more of 400 references of blades. We start our production versus your consumption and to avoid an out of stock, if your consumption change, we can keep in stock one month of consumption permanently.

Shipment :


We provide shipping individual pieces to mass production in France and abroad. For urgent requests we guarantee a delivery 24H / 48H whatever the destination.

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